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Wielkopolanie śpiewają Niepodległej

“Wielkopolanie śpiewają Niepodległej” is a great concert on the occasion of the 101st anniversary of the outbreak of the Wielkopolska Uprising.
TVP3 Poznan, the Wielkopolska Museum of Independence and the Institute of National Remembrance Branch in Poznan invite you to the courtyard of the Poznan City Hall on 27 December 2019, where an open-air concert with elements of the show entitled “Wielkopolska Singing the Independence Uprising” will be held to commemorate the great uprising victory and to integrate the citizens of Poznan and the Wielkopolska Region in a joint action. “Wielkopolanie śpiewają Niepodległej”, in which outstanding artists – stars of the Polish scene – will perform.
The musical programme of the show refers to insurgent songs connected with the Wielkopolska Uprising, although it goes beyond the very act of singing together. Among other things, the stage will be filled with the following artists: Justyna Szafran, Natalia Świerczyńska, Audiofeels, Halina Frąckowiak, Mateusz Ziółko, Grzegorz Wilk, Luxtorpeda, Rafał Brzozowski, Good Staff, Marek Piekarczyk, Nicola Fiedor and Jacek Kowalski.
The aim of the concert – show “Wielkopolanie śpiewają Niepodległej” is to establish a peculiar interaction between the stage and the audience, to liberate a sense of community in celebration and to combine educational, identity, community and artistic values. The artists together with the audience, accompanied by the Poznań Boys’ Choir conducted by Jacek Sykulski, will perform insurgent songs. You will be able to hear, among others: “Rota”, “Marseillaise of Wielkopolska”, “When I walked once from the guard”, “The Uhlans came under the window”, “Oh, my rosemary”, “Wojenko, war”, “White rose buds bloomed” and many other patriotic songs.
During the performance, the screen will be used to play back the historical messages of the events, quotations from the insurgents’ memories, historical reconstructions and many archival materials, which contributed to the active discovery and consolidation of history, which is crucial for our identity. Scouts and reconstruction groups will also appear in the architectural setting of the City Hall courtyard.
The spectacle “Wielkopolanie śpiewają Niepodległej” (Greater Poland Singing Independence) is produced by TVP3 Poznan, which is its initiator. The concert will be hosted by Tomasz Wolny, a TVP journalist, directed by Grzegorz Sadurski, and musical arrangement will be provided by Grzegorz Urban. The whole event will be recorded by TV cameras. The concert will be aired live on TVP3 Poznan, and a retransmission of the concert from the capital of Wielkopolska will be available for viewing throughout Poland on TVP1 on the same day.
27 December 2019, 19:30, Free Courtyard on Plac Kolegiacki in Poznań


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