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“Voices from the past” – a concert to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

The “Voices from the Past” concert, to be held at the National Museum in Poznan, is a musical tribute, dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising on the 80th anniversary of its outbreak. Music as a universal language, understood around the world by every nation, will serve as a kind of memorial, displayed to the entire Jewish community that suffered during World War II. The repertoire of the concert has been carefully constructed to reflect the spirit and atmosphere of those times; there are many Jewish themes with melody full of melancholy. The program will include original compositions by Jacek Sykulski (The peace meditation, De profundis and the title Voices from the past), as well as works by such artists as P. Lukaszewski, Z. Preisner and K. A. Arnesen. This unusual concert will feature a number of Yiddish arrangements of works by Mordechai Gebirtig and Herman Yablokoff. Unique is the fact that the music of the above-mentioned artists, has been developed for choir and choir and clarinet (no one has undertaken choral arrangements of Gebirtig before!), so that these compositions will have the opportunity to reach a wide audience of choral music in Poland and around the world, contributing to the popularization of the work of these artists, so important to the Jewish community. The pieces will be interspersed with the reading of memoirs of people who survived the events in the Ghetto (including W. Szlengel, L. Kopelman, H. Ashkenazy-Engelhardt).
The main performer will be the Poznań Boys’ Choir, accompanied on clarinet by Slawomir Heinrychowski, an artist of the Grand Theater in Poznań. The entire event will be conducted by Jacek Sykulski. The recitations will be read by Sebastian Grek, an actor from Teatr Nowy in Poznan.
The concert is co-organized by the National Museum in Poznan.
The event is funded by the Jewish Historical Institute Association, the German Embassy in Warsaw and the City of Poznan.
April 15, 2023, 6:00 pm, National Museum in Poznan
Admission free – reservation of free tickets by phone: 61 853 40 01 or email: info@pchch.pl

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