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The unusual project -“Choir in the time of plague”

A unique artistic project – “Choir in times of plague”.
The longing for joint music-making caused the decision to look for such a platform for a live meeting, thanks to which we could, at least in part, satisfy the artistic hunger for personal interaction.
It turned out that many Poznań artists, who participate in the broadly understood choral life on a daily basis, both as singers, conductors or soloists of various stylistic provenance, responded positively to Jacek Sykulski’s appeal and agreed to meet in one of Poznań’s most beautiful temples – a parish, to sing his “The peace meditation” together. (Peace meditation). This extraordinary meeting took place on 16 May at 17.00.
The piece was created in 2001, just after the terrorist attack in New York. A year later the Academic Choir of Adam Mickiewicz University under the direction of Jacek Sykulski performed this composition in “zone 0”.
This sense of hope, during the memorable performance in New York, was reflected in the Poznań parish – it was connected with the conviction that we meet in some sense also on the rubble, on which we now have to rebuild our musical life.
The result of this meeting exceeded the boldest expectations of each of the participants. The choristers singing in masks, maintaining appropriate distances, without any previous attempt, created a meditation that flowed straight from their rich interiors – they sang not only the sounds recorded on the cards, but also dug into those musical contents that cannot be noted in the notes.
This meeting, we believe, is meant to bring hope and inspiration – it has become so obvious to us that we intend to continue this project until everything returns to normal.


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