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Standing together – Ukrainian choirs in Poland

We cordially invite you to a concert of children’s choirs of the Kiev Palace: the Vognik Girls’ Choir conducted by Olena Solovei and the Dzvinochok Boys’ Choir, conducted by Ruben Tolmachov. The choirs come to Poznań straight from the war zone! The stay in our city is part of their concert tour in Germany, Poland and Lithuania.

The Vognik Girls ‘Choir and the Dzvinochok Boys’ Choir are ensembles operating at the Kiev Palace. Nowadays, choir activity is not possible, however, conductors do what they can to give their students at least a substitute of normality and lead online rehearsals with them. At the moment, the children are “scattered” in various regions of Ukraine – some of them stayed in Kiev, but many of them moved with their families to the west of the country, where it is somewhat safer. Despite the difficult situation, the singers regularly participate in rehearsals over the Internet, as it is the only way for them to maintain the continuity of their activities and to cultivate their passion for singing. The artistic directors of the ensembles turned to befriended cultural institutions in Europe with the idea of ​​organizing concerts for their students. The idea is to detach these children from the terrible everyday life of war, to give them time free from fear, to unite the choristers scattered around Ukraine on a common stage in a safe place and to carry out artistic events with their participation, so that they could feel like before the war for at least a few days, doing what they love and what has been taken from them. In this way, it was possible to organize a concert tour leading from Leipzig, through Wrocław and Poznań, to Vilnius. The main point of the choirs’ stay in Poznań will be the concert on June 3, 2022 at 18:00 in the Evangelical-Augsburg Church at ul. Obozowa 5. In addition, on 4 June 2022, the ensembles will sing during the Holy Mass at 12:45 in Fara Poznańska. At the end of the mass, the Ukrainian choirs will join the Poznań Boys ‘Choir and the Girls’ Choir of Jerzy Kurczewski’s Poznań Choir School to perform together Jacek Sykulski’s piece “Vocalise”, written in honor of children who suffered as a result of the war in Ukraine.


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