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Profiles of masters

HUBERT KARMIŃSKI (Karminsky) – a workshop of creation of music and sounding to a radio play.
A man with many passions and interests connected with music. Producer and instrumentalist from Kujawy, although connected with the experimental and improvising scene in Poznań. Creator of music for performances and exhibitions, Cultural and Educational Director of Music Kolorking and initiator of the KOimpro! Co-creator of many artistic and educational actions, such as: net-label Wielu Nagrania, Festival Hiatus, Musical Complete (free adult music courses). Sound engineer at the Musical Theatre in Poznań; MKiDN scholarship holder in the field of music with the project: “fairy tales anew”.
He is a member of many musical formations: from the avant-garde Drogi Krajowe quintet through the Poznań Improvised Orchestra, Giżycki/Karminsky duos and Wnuczka Mróz to synth-pop Junosty and Żywłoga. On the air of Radio Afera he conducts an original programme about independent music – Listening Room.

PAULINA KOKOT – zumba holidays
Mama of 2 wonderful children, Martynka and Pawełek. Fitness instructor, aqua aerobics, zumba ® fitness (ZIN member), playmaker and colony educator. Full of energy and smile, positive attitude to life. Her work is a life passion, she loves what she does and works with
people. He conducts many activities in Poznan and small towns near Poznan. In gyms and community centres, seasonally as an aqua instructor in Maltese thermal baths. He prepares willing students for performances at festivals or occasional events. She led a group of girls – cheerleader at the Reissa Academy.
She has been involved in dance and physical activity for many years and in her youth she was a member of an acrobatic-dance group. During holidays she promotes outdoor activities, eagles, lakes, pitches, etc. The organizer of several Zumba marathons, which are very popular.
She led the zumbe and art workshops at the semi-colonies during the holidays. Her motto is “The more you give, the more you become. But you need someone to take it. Because giving doesn’t mean losing.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
Zumba ® fitness is a combination of different styles of Salsa, Cumbia, Reggaeton, Hip-Hop and other dances and training to ensure maximum fun and fitness at the same time. The classes start with a warm-up to warm up your muscles and
prepare your body for further exercise. Young dancers have the opportunity to enter the world of fitness thanks to the great fun, music and atmosphere of the classes. It is above all fun, which promotes the development of physical and mental fitness.
Zumba develops memory, perceptiveness, thinking, attention, imagination. During the classes, children will take part in integrative dances, learning choreography and animation games and


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