We are announcing the recruitment of boys' voices


International Choral Festival for Boys and Men in Canada

Poznan Boys’ Choir received an invitation to participate in the International Festival of Boys’ and Men’s Choirs, which was to be held in St. John’s in Newfoundland (Canada) from 28.08-3.09.2020. The event, organized by Atlantic Boychoir, is a unique project on a global scale, as festivals of boys’ choirs are extremely rare these days (only 2 such festivals are currently held around the world!). This event, which includes numerous joint concerts, workshops and symposia, is attended by boys’ and boys’ choirs from around the world. As a result of the established cooperation, the goal of involving the international community, connected with boys’ and boys’ choirs, in the dialogue with Polish artists and the art they represent, was to be achieved.
Jacek Sykulski – director and conductor of the Poznan Boys’ Choir was among 6 experts from all over the world, next to such personalities as Anjana Abraham (India), Timothy Wayne-Wright (Great Britain), Paul Holley (Austria), Garreth Churcher (Great Britain), Carol Beynon (Canada). The task of this committee was to throw a new light on the world’s boys’ choir, as well as to conduct artistic workshops with the singers who came to the festival.


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