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FINAL! Interdisciplinary workshops – day 5.

Final of interdisciplinary art and recreation workshops
On Friday, 10 July this year, we met for the last time, concluding and summarising our experience from the workshop. From the very morning we presented the fruits of a week’s artistic work to the audience (including parents). We started with a theatrical performance prepared with the children by Arkadiusz Kos, Hubert Karmiński and Iga Jagodzińska. It was based on fragments of the text entitled ‘Liczydło’. Apart from that, the children shared with us their impressions from the classes, their reflections on the text itself and the challenges that awaited them during their work. The next element of the finale was a joint singing of the song ‘Let our voices fly’, prepared by the vocal instructors: Izabela Polit, Jacek Sykulski and Piotr Lewandowski. It was a moment of emotion, but also of great concentration and sense of community. In the afternoon, however, we met at a zumba show, which was led by Paulina Kokot throughout the week. The children danced previously prepared dance arrangements in the presence of their parents.
The workshop would not have been possible without the fantastic guides who offered the children developing tasks. Thanks to their energy the workshops took place in a friendly and creative atmosphere.

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