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Concert in Wągrowiec

On the occasion of the 45th Jubilee of the Bronislaw Zielinski First Degree State Music School in Wągrowiec, a concert will be held by the Poznan Boys’ Choir entitled “Between Heaven and Earth.” The program of this concert combines two elements: Sacrum and profanum, or sacred and secular. The first part of the program includes works from various eras – from the Middle Ages to the present day, beautifully performed by delicate boys’ voices. Here there will be compositions by F. Nowowiejski, T. Szeligowski, M.K. Oginski, and J. Sykulski, among others. The second part of the concert is genre-lighter music (arrangements of film music, popular music, folk music).

The concert is held as part of the Marshal’s program “Culture on the road”.

May 10, 2024, 5:00 pm, PSM First Degree Concert Hall in Wągrowiec, 19 Kościuszki St., Wągrowiec


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