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Children of War

The Poznań Boys’ Choir in cooperation with the Girls’ Choir of the Poznań Choir School of Jerzy Kurczewski, carried out an action aimed at drawing attention to the suffering of children affected by war in Ukraine. On March 13, 2022, in the Franciscan Church in Poznań, right after one of the Sunday masses, young choristers from both ensembles performed “Vocalise” written by Jacek Sykulski. We also heard a poem by Jacek Korczakowski entitled “Children of War”, which was written in reference to the Second World War, but unfortunately became very relevant again. At the end of the event, girls and boys from both choirs placed candles and teddy bears in front of the altar to commemorate those who, as a result of hostilities, ended their lives prematurely …
With our performance, we wanted to express our musical solidarity with the children who suffer the terrible consequences of the evil of war.


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