We are announcing the recruitment of boys' voices


An unusual end to the 75th season of the Poznań Boys Choir.

It looked like an artistically spectacular year: two jubilee concerts, a concert in Bethlehem, Baroque Music Festival in Bolivia, Boys Choir Festival in Newfoundland, a monthly concert tour of China…
Coronavirus verified all our plans, and also made it clear how fragile boys’ choir is in his face. Boys’ and men’s choir is a wonderful and unique instrument, an organism that needs daily care to operate in all its glory.

We don’t know what our choir life will be like in September. Here fears mix with great longing to return to normality.

The expression of this longing is a recording we made with an intimate group of our singers on June 20, 2020 (the day our main anniversary concert was to take place).

The experience of singing to an empty UAM auditorium even a hit like Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” was very difficult, after all, we did what we liked to do, and yet… the lack of audience sitting in the concert hall took away some of the sense of making music – from heart to heart!


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