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Musical show on the occasion of the anniversary of the Wielkopolska Uprising

We will celebrate the National Day of the victorious Wielkopolska Uprising on December 27, and the biggest event on the 104th anniversary of its outbreak, will be a musical show entitled. “Don’t waste your independence,” which is organized by TVP3 Poznań and the National Museum in Poznań.
The concert show “Don’t waste your independence,” directed by Boleslaw Pawica, will be a combination of history with the present and the future. It is a story about the road to freedom, the gigantic work to maintain it, and the use of the potential of people and time. Today, in the context of Russia’s assault on Ukraine, the word “independence” takes on a whole new meaning. It cannot be defined abstractly from the events of more than a century ago – the victorious insurrectionary uprising of the Greater Poland region.
The show will take place on December 27 at 21:00 in the building of the National Museum in Poznan. In a crucial place, forming, together with the Bazar Hotel and the former Wilhelm Square (today Liberty Square), the bridgehead of the Wielkopolska Uprising. But the Museum is not only an edifice, it is above all paintings and the history written in them. The story of the wandering and wandering of Poles on their way to independence. The story of unsuccessful uprisings, suffering, katorga and the bumpy road to freedom.
The concert “Don’t waste your independence,” which is invited by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Telewizja Polska S.A. and the National Museum in Poznań, will be broadcast on December 27 at 9:00 p.m. on TVP1 and TVP Polonia, as well as on the airwaves of regional TVP branches (repeat on December 28 at 8:00 a.m. on TVP3 Poznań). On stage we will see mainly musicians from Wielkopolska, including: Grzegorz Wilk, Jacek Kowalski, the Luxtorpeda band, Michał Kowalonek, Oksana Hamerska, the Poznań Boys’ Choir under the direction of Jacek Sykulski and the Gospel Joy choir. Olga Szomanska, Janusz Radek, Ukrainian musician Evgen Peltek and the Tre Voci music trio will also perform. The artists will perform “Marsylianka Wielkopolska,” “Marsz poznańskich dzieci,” “Wojenko, wojenko,” “O mój rozmarynie,” “Przybyli ułani pod okienko,” “Pieśń kronikę” by Marek Grechuta, “Sen o Viktorii” by the band Dżem, “Nadzieja” by the band Ira or “Tango for voice, orchestra and one more voice” by Grzegorz Tomczak. The concert will be conducted by Tomasz Wolny.
Songs from the era, will be interspersed with contemporary hits in interesting musical arrangements. The entire event will be complemented by a historical narration by witnesses and participants of the Wielkopolska Uprising, conducted simultaneously both in scenographic visuals and in the film layer. State-of-the-art multimedia technologies will make the story of the victory of the Greater Poland people more than 100 years ago stimulate the imagination of viewers, in order to understand a past that cannot be forgotten.
The event was co-financed by funds from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage within the framework of the Multiannual Government Program “Niepodległa” for 2017-2022. Partners of the show are the Institute of National Remembrance Branch in Poznań and the Open for Art Association.
Sponsors of the show are PKN Orlen – Patron of the National Museum in Poznań, PERN S.A., donor Orlen Foundation, and it will be produced by TVP3 Poznań and World Media.

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