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Speaking Concert – Requiem of W.A. Mozart

Speaking Concerts is an original series of concerts produced by Art Factory Foundation.
Each of the programs is devoted to a specific issue, showing both the work in question and its composer in a historical and cultural context. The fusion of music, multimedia, tradition and good humor creates an attractive and unique format on a European scale. Music performance is combined with brilliant comments by the charismatic conductor, Marcin Sompoliński.
The main star of the next Speaking Concert will be a genius composer – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The program of the concert devoted to one of the greatest masterpieces of musical literature – Requiem, apart from the analysis of the work, the circumstances of its creation and the history of performances, answers a number of questions related to the myths and legends that have stuck to this work over more than two centuries since its creation.

The audience will get answers to the following questions:

Who was the person responsible for writing “Requiem”?
How much did Mozart earn for his last piece?
Did he really finish composing “Requiem” on the first bars of “Lacrimosa”?
Was it raining on the day of Mozart’s funeral?
Why don’t we know the place of his burial?

Poznań Boys’ Choir
Collegium F Orhchestra
Marcin Sompoliński – conductor

March 28, 2022, 7 pm, Adam Mickiewicz University Concert Hall in Poznań



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