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Soloist of the Poznań Boys’ Choir will perform during Musica Sacramontana Festival in Gostyń

Soloist of the Poznań Boys’ Choir Ksawery Miecznik, will perform during the MUSICA SACRAMONTANA Oratorio Music Festival in Gostyń.
At the turn of September and October 26.09 – 04.10 for the fifteenth time the Bazylika Świętokrzyska in Gostyń will be filled with extraordinary sounds thanks to the Festival of Oratorio Music MUSICA SACROMONTANA. Four exceptional concerts will take place in a beautiful, baroque temple.
A large part of the festival’s program is devoted to recently discovered works by forgotten 18th and 19th century composers connected with the Holy Mountain.
The second concert, in which our choirmaster will perform, is dedicated to Alfons Szczerbinski. The pianist and composer born in Gostyń, thanks to his great determination, graduated with honors from the Royal Berlin Academy of Arts. His works for piano, violin and solo voice have miraculously survived to the present day in manuscript form.
Ksawery Miecznik (boys’ soprano), will perform three works by this composer: The Sunday Song of the Shepherdess and The Withering Leaf and Longing with words by Adam Asnyk.
We invite you on Sunday, 27 September 2020, 6:30pm
Alfons Szczerbinski – premieres of the works


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