Professional foundation

Building a new timbre of voice by applying Jacek Sykulski’s own working methods. The work on the natural timbre adequate to music of every style, repertoire and period of time. Unconventional techniques of forming the timbre of the human voice. New forms of warming up before singing, exercises relaxing the larynx, engaging in physical activities, playing instruments during concerts. Meeting other groups and artists, observing their working methods and becoming familiar with new musical styles.

Introducing an attractive and modern repertoire New interpretations of well-known masterpieces, traditional Polish carols, using popular compositions as a medium in playing creatively with the audience.

The opportunity and conditions for creating several artistic groups within and beside the Choir, i.a., a chamber group destined for the performance of old-time music, a children’s group making use of stage movement.

Expanding the range of activities. Participating in cultural and promotional undertakings other than concerts. Multimedia projects from the borderline between different arts and styles. Compositions and arrangements prepared especially for the Choir, world premieres.

Mass media Cooperation with the biggest contemporary artists – new media (i.a. Paweł Althamer). The Choir’s participation in television productions.

Expanding the range of recipients (filling market niches).

Workshops with well-known musicians and experts. Among the events in the 2003/2004 school year there were, i.a., musical workshops with Jacek Ostaszewski and Paweł Steczkowski and the meeting with the TAKE 6 group, The King’s Singers, Bambini di Praga and Justyna Steczkowska

The ministry of culture of The Republic of Pland takes a special care of that educational phenomenon. The Poznań Choir School is the only choir school in Poland, offering a course lasting nine years, run by the City of Poznań – the educational basis for 180 children – the didactic resource base prepared especially to meet the needs of the Choir. An institution with nearly 50 years of tradition introducing state-of-the-art educational methods, the only such school in Poland and one of very few in the world. Close cooperation of the Poznań Boys’ Choir and the Poznań Choir School aims at creating a European choral singing centre.