A programme offer

Throughout the year of work we have been realising undertakings within the scope of choral a cappella music, music for choir and orchiestra, as well as other projects from the borderline of different arts. We are also very open to new challenges and the realisation of unconventional, and even experimental initiatives. We are presenting you examples of subjects and areas which the Choir could and would be willing to take up:

  • the masterpieces of vocal and instrumental music
  • vocal a cappella music
  • the Advent–Christmas programme
  • the Lenten–Easter programme
  • entertainment music in vocal arrangements

We are also open to your suggestions concerning a different repertoire range. We count on your interest and cooperation.

I was driven by emotions when I proposed that meeting in Paris. You created an unusual climate for the 4 thousand Frenchmen and Poles gathered in Notre Dame. I wanted to tell you how beautiful it was

Waldemar Dąbrowski, Minister of Culture
during the meeting with the Choristers – 3 June 2004

What they showed was something incredible. They sing very well and are full of energy

Claud Mc Knight – the vocalist of the TAKE 6 group
during the joined concert – 18 November 2003